2016-2017 :


(April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017)

A total of 32 meetings were held during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017. Below is a breakdown of attendance.

A table listing all the meetings each director attended including total compensation paid where applicable.


IIROC does not compensate Industry Directors for their participation on IIROC’s Board or on its Committees. IIROC compensates Independent Directors in accordance with the following framework:


Annual retainer – $15,000 per annum

Chair of the Board – an additional $15,000 if the Chair is an Independent Director

Vice-Chair of the Board – an additional $4,000 if the Vice-Chair is an Independent Director

Board meetings of less than two hours in duration – $1,000

Board meetings of two hours or longer – $1,500


Committee Members – $1,500 per annum

Committee Chairs – $4,000

Committee meetings of less than two hours in duration – $1,000

Committee meetings of two hours or longer – $1,500

In the event that the location of a Board meeting requires an additional travel day and the Director attends in person, a supplementary travel fee of $1,000 is allowed.

Directors to be paid half the compensation of the committee member per diem attendance fee when invited by the Chair of a Board Committee to attend the Committee’s meeting, of which they are not a member.


Corporate Governance Committee

Recommends candidates eligible to serve on the Board and its committees; reviews IIROC governance principles and practices; identifies and manages potential conflicts of interest; establishes Board self-assessment process; and appoints individuals to the Hearing Committee.

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

Assists Board in oversight of: accounting and financial reporting processes; qualifications, independence and performance of IIROC’s independent auditor; IIROC’s internal control systems; and IIROC’s risk management processes.

Human Resources and Pension Committee

Ensures IIROC can attract and retain personnel with the appropriate status and experience to achieve its objectives and enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of the organization; assists the Board in its oversight of IIROC’s human resources policies and procedures, benefits and pension plans and with related regulatory compliance.