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Over the past year IIROC engaged in a rigorous strategic planning process to articulate a new vision and map out a comprehensive long-term strategy for the organization. We recognized that this undertaking was timely in light of the changes taking place in the regulatory and investment landscape in Canada and abroad.

IIROC’s Board of Directors was fully supportive of the process – one that was more extensive and transparent than ever. The Board also participated with several Directors being interviewed by the independent consultant who helped facilitate the consultation process.

M. Marianne HarrisIn the strategic planning discussion and beyond, the unique perspectives contributed by our Directors underscore the tremendous value of a broadly diverse Board that represents IIROC’s various stakeholders and can contribute different, meaningful views to important conversations.

For instance, IIROC’s 15-member Board includes seven independent Directors who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to governance. They are joined on the Board by five industry Directors employed by investment dealers of varying sizes and business models based in different parts of the country. The group is rounded out by two industry Directors representing marketplaces in Canada, as well as by IIROC's CEO.

As the Board for a pan-Canadian organization it is important not only that our Directors come from various regions but that we consult with stakeholders throughout the country. We meet and host stakeholder events each year in Western Canada, Ontario and Quebec. These occasions provide us with valuable opportunities to interact directly and informally with stakeholders in the regions and learn firsthand what is important to them.

This input, combined with other feedback we solicit, enables IIROC to more effectively protect investors, foster confidence in the regulatory framework and support healthy capital markets – all important elements of a strong Canadian economy.

On behalf of the Board, I would like to acknowledge IIROC’s management team for their commitment and leadership in developing a strong vision for the future. The Board also recognizes the critical regulatory work carried out by IIROC staff across the country to fulfill IIROC’s public interest mandate.

Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude to my colleagues on the IIROC Board. At a time when change seems to be the only constant, we are fortunate to have not only their collective insights but also the continuity and stability brought about by this dedicated group.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

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M. Marianne Harris
Chair of the Board

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