What we did
Conducted third employee engagement survey.
How we did it
Enlisted the same independent third party who performed the previous two surveys to administer the third survey, to ensure consistency and better understand progress.
A total of 80 per cent of employees participated in the survey and the results were communicated internally.

While employee engagement increased significantly over the previous survey, high-impact engagement drivers were identified and focus groups were conducted to help IIROC develop an action plan to further improve engagement.
Why it matters
Helps us be an effective organization by engaging employees in ways to improve the workplace, and fosters a positive environment that attracts and retains expert staff.

Continued to participate in community volunteer programs.
IIROC employees across the country continued to participate in financial literacy, charity events and fundraising for national and local causes:

  • Participated for the third year in Junior Achievement’s program, where IIROC staff in Vancouver and Toronto spent a day in schools helping young people build skills and financial knowledge they need to make sound financial decisions throughout their lives.

  • IIROC staff in Montréal took part in a Moisson Montréal’s project to process orders for “Good Food” boxes that were distributed to families in need through community organizations over the Holiday season.

  • Fundraising initiatives supported by IIROC staff included the United Way of Greater Toronto, JDRF Ride for diabetes research and Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Big Bike event to support research on heart disease and stroke.
Proactive measures strengthen the security and protection of IIROC assets and data entrusted to us.

Expanded opportunities for employee training and development.
Expanded on-line training to include more courses for all employees that would help develop new skills and improve existing capability.
Provides employees with more cost-efficient opportunities for professional development, and allows staff to identify additional opportunities within IIROC.

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